Various Processes Involved In Property Valuation

South African retailing is the strongest in the sub-Saharan continent and continues to offer excellent potential to retailers interested in an African presence. South Africa also tends to be the traditional first port of call for foreign retailers entering the market.The construction of five shopping centers within one year in Gaborone, providing approximately 85,000 sq m of new retail space, is likely to prove excessive for a small city. Concerns of traffic congestion and fears over security in the CBD have also led retailers to move to suburban shopping centres in Nairobi.

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Kampala, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Blantyre are all expected to experience retail rental growth rates of between 2 percent to 10 percent in 2004. These markets are generally safer and better established with respect to retail and also presently carry lower investment risk market value of the property.

Lusaka and Harare will see no rental growth for the next year. Demand for retail space and the current lack of supply in some African markets maintains relatively low vacancy rates across the main African shopping centers although little speculative development has occurred as the risks involved in investment are considered to be high. Africa generally offers higher yields to the investor who accepts certain risks which are associated with investing in non-traditional markets.

Useful Tips For Getting An Accurate Property Valuation

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Unlike the commercial market, the residential sector is in the national consciousness in many countries around the world. There are as many forecasts as there are people minded to express them and over- reporting leads to a good supply of information and opinion which ironically leaves investors often none the wiser. In many countries, the importance of residential stock has been exacerbated by shortages in supply and rising prices which support the ongoing emergence of residential property as a mainstream investment asset class for both private and institutional investors. The fortunes of the residential sector are now inextricably viewed as a barometric measure of economic prosperity in many territories.

With the exception of some of the troubled economies of Asia and the emerging markets of Africa, nearly all residential markets have seen significant price enhancement over the past one to two years. In the US and the UK, forecasts of collapse have proved unfounded and the market continues to move steadily forward. Inevitably, a combination of factors has conspired to produce generally strong performance.

Real estate market values multi-housing (apartment) investment market is most sophisticated in the United States due both to the cultural landscape and the ample supply of large-scale apartment properties that are attractive to institutional investors. But there is a growing appetite among investors in other parts of the world for apartment assets.