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I am only investing in one, I am going to make it the best investment I can and I am going to find out what is that I can generate more revenue House Valuation.

House Valuation
House Valuation more income from this property and may be doing dual occupancy of subdivision or granny flats might be a way that you can take one property and generate multiple incomes from it.

You could sell that one property later in life and now again runs out. they’re quite I’m just opening up your mic there and handy control of the tears then you’ll end up and welcome to the session today are jewelers interested in intellectual property so as Linda indicated today

I’m going to talk about the accounting treatment of intellectual property so let’s take it away starting with a definition starting right at the beginning so IP Australia has provided definition o.

Intellectual property which is the application of the mind to develop something new or original existing in various forms through including a new invention of brand design or artistic creation in.

Ho To (Do) valuation Without Leaving Your Office(House).

A more specific sense IP can property valuation exist an as registered IP legally formally-registered IP as in all be aware patents property valuation trademarks designs and plant creative rights, in addition, there are some automatic legal rights in relation to copyright and circuit layout rights plus an addition.

I PA exists also through common law and www.westcoastvaluers.com.au contractual rights so you’re definitely with items such as trade secrets and other types of contractual agreements now in relation to accounting for IP we know that IP by definition has no physical existence as a consequence the relevant.

Accounting standard is property valuation double-a SD  intangible assets and this comes to us on the international accounting standards board with and the relevant standard that was in fact originally promulgated by the international

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